Welcome to the Imprimo Gallery and Museum working group.Scroll below to learn how you can contribute to this project as we seek to:

Enhance your online presence
Simplify the discovery of new artists
Make tracking provenance easier

Who is imprimo

Imprimo is the authoritative resource for rights information for the artistic community. We use attested storytelling to organize and present artworks, make connections between members of the community, and create opportunities for discovery.We believe in providing trusted information through verified claims to artworks and provenance events.In our next phase of development, we are reaching out to galleries and museums to form a working group to co-create the future of rights management in the visual arts sector while significantly reducing administration, digitally showcasing collections, and discovering new talent. Please see details of the working group and sign up below.Imprimo is the collective effort of organizations with an established record in the visual artists and rightsholder communities: CARFAC, Copyright Visual Arts (COVA-DAAV) and Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec (RAAV). It is built in partnership with Prescient Innovations, a subsidiary of Access Copyright.Supported by a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts, we cultivate and promote visual artists through creator-focused technology.

Tell the Artwork's story

Imprimo uses QR Codes to assist galleries and museums tell the story behind the artwork and the artist. Audiences simply scan a QR code next to the physical artwork during an exhibition. This allows audiences to access the Imprimo record which shares the artwork story in an engaging way.

Discover Artists

Discover new emerging artists and follow their career as it evolves through Imprimo notifications.

Provenance Tracking

Easily track provenance events.

What your participation in this working group will involve

Availability once per month to be interviewed by the Imprimo team, one-on-one or as a group.One focus group session, to be held at the time of working-group completion.

We are seeking to understand your needs and to gain insight and feedback on feature sets designed to benefit galleries and museums.

How Imprimo can help you and your organization

Approach new artwork with confidence that its history and its connection to an artist are genuineKnow that every artist profile on Imprimo has been verifiedDiscover and follow new artistsFollow and make connections between artists and series of worksAccess trusted and documented information about artists’ careers and artworks’ historiesBenefit from additional storytelling resources when acquiring work or curating an exhibition

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